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Doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:00. Price includes dinner, show, tax and gratuity. A cash bar is available.

WhoDunnit shows are original, lively and thoroughly entertaining, as well as a mystery lover's dream! Clues are cleverly included in the scripted action, and in between scenes (as the audience enjoys a fine meal) the actors mingle with the audience in character, allowing guests to ask questions and get more clues. If you ask them if they are the killer, they will all say no, but that is the only time they are permitted to lie. To all other questions, they must either evade the question or tell you the truth. Audiences love interacting with the characters and trying to figure out who dunnit!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the dress code?
There are no requirements, but we recommend business casual.

How long does the show last?
Most are over by about 9:15 p.m.

What is the format?
The doors open at 6:30. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the mystery is presented in three or four acts, with the three courses of your meal (salad, main course, dessert) served in between the acts (for example: salad, scene 1, main course, scene 2, etc.). While you are eating, the actors in character will mingle with the audience, allowing you to ask them questions and get extra clues. However, each one of our mysteries can be solved with the clues presented in the staged portion alone.

How much does it cost?
As of June 14, 2015, the individual ticket price is $48 per person, which includes the meal, show, tax and gratuity. There is a $2 discount per person for seating at a group table with others. (You don't need to have 6 or more in your party to do this.) Season tickets give you a 9% discount. Season tickets may be purchased any time before December 31.

Are these shows appropriate for children? What is the approximate rating?
WhoDunnit prides itself on being able to offer top-quality mystery entertainment without resorting to the type of off-color and risqué programming that passes for murder mysteries elsewhere.
Our shows are generally in the range of PG-13, and your children are welcome. However, murder itself is an "adult" topic, and adult motivations are involved. It would be unrealistic to portray a murder with language and behavior only used by the nicest of people. Parents are advised to consider that, along with your child's attention span. In general, if you are comfortable with letting your children watch prime-time TV shows such as Law & Order and Mystery!, then you should have no qualms about bringing them to WhoDunnit.

Are Reservations Required?
Yes — advance, pre-paid reservations are required. You can reserve online or by phone. When you make your reservation, please let us know if you have any special seating requirements (e.g., wheelchair access or dietary concerns). Please also let us know if you are joining a party reserved under another name, and if you are celebrating anything (for example, a birthday or anniversary). Need more info? Just call: (502) 538-4100.

Can I Avoid the Online Reservation Fee if I Reserve by Phone?
No. All of our reservations are made online. If you reserve by phone, then we enter the information online for you. We recommend that you make the reservations online yourself, so that you can make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.

When Should I Make My Reservations?
We recommend that you make reservations at least two weeks in advance, as the shows tend to sell out — and for large groups, the sooner the better. A deposit may be required for groups of 10 or more.

How is Seating Determined?
Usually, seating is assigned on a first-reserved first-served basis, although some tables are set aside for season ticket holders, who can generally pick their seats. We also have a limited number of private tables for two or four people. If you want a table in a specific area and/or a private table, it's best to reserve as early as possible.

What if a Show is Sold Out?
It's always best to reserve early, and to have backup choices for performance dates, as shows often sell out. If you need tickets for a particular night and a show is sold out, you can call and ask to be put on a waiting list. That way, you'll get a call if a table opens up.

Are Ticket Purchases Refundable?
To the best of our knowledge, no tickets for live theatre are refundable, anywhere in Kentuckiana. Just as with other live theatres, your WhoDunnit reservation purchases should be considered final. However, because we sometimes have sold-out shows with waiting lists, we will try to accommodate requests for changes up until noon two days before the show (for example, noon on Thursday for a Saturday night show). We will switch you to a show on another night if one is available; or, if there is a waiting list for the night of your reservation, we may be able to re-sell your reservations at your request. If we are able to do that, you won't be charged for those reservations. Please be aware, however, that such a request is final. You won't be able to reclaim your tickets for that night.

Any hints on solving the mystery?
Sure. As Noe the Butler says in WhoDunnit's The Twelve Murders of Christmas,
"No crime is perfect, and what goes around comes around." Killers make mistakes, and our killers generally slip up by revealing something that only the killer could know. Watch and listen for that. Also watch out for visual clues, and for one alibi that isn't quite as good as the others. And here's another hint, off the record: If you honestly don't have a clue who dunnit, write a funny answer on your solution card. There's a prize for the most creative answer as well as the most completely correct one.




NOTICE: The WhoDunnit logo is a registered trademark of WhoDunnit Inc., and is protected by U.S. and international law.






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